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Bathroom Tile FAQs

Can you tile a bathroom ceiling?

Yes! You only have to tile a ceiling when it is a steam shower, otherwise it is just an aesthetic choice.

Why tile a bathroom floor? Why tile bathroom walls?

Tile is a resilient material and will hold up better than other surfaces, such as wood floors or waiscoating. Long term, tile is more economical than vinyl because it lasts longer and withstands more wear. Tile in your bathroom also increases the value of your home.

What is bathroom tile?

Tile can be used in any application. It is a common misconception that there is specific tile to be used in bathrooms. The only differences between tiles that should be noted when choosing for your bathroom is the type of tile and whether it can be used on walls, in areas with water (shower or tub walls), or in steam showers.

Where to tile in a bathroom?

The shower floor and/or tub surround and bathroom floor should be tiled. Optional areas could be walls, feature walls, backsplash and ceilings.

How much bathroom tile do I need?

Bathroom tile is calculated by taking the square footage of the space. To do this, you measure the length and width of your space in inches, then multiply the length by the width and divide that number by 144. We recommend adding at least 10% to this number for errors in cutting and setting tile.

How to cut bathroom tile?

Different tools are required for cutting different types of tile. At Concept II Tile, we recommend having a professional tile installer cut and install your tile.

How much does bathroom tile cost?

Tile for your bathroom can range from $4/sqft to $400/sqft. Most people will buy tile in the $6.50/sft range.

How to remove bathroom tile?

Usually tile is removed with a hammer and chisel.

When to replace bathroom tile?

When you feel like the tile is dated, you may want to replace it. If the tile was set incorrectly, it may crack and then need replacing.

Can bathroom tile be regrouted?

Yes, tile can be regrouted. All of the grout needs to be dug out to a pre-set depth based on the type of tile. There are specialty tools required to do this.

How to seal bathroom tile?

Natural stone, crackle tile and polished porcelain tile often need to be sealed. We recommend consulting the manufacturer or distributer of the tile for sealing instructions.

How to repair bathroom tile?

Consult a tile installer to make recommendations about whether your tile can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

How to choose bathroom tile?

Come to our showroom to meet our tile designers for assistance with choosing tile. Bring with you your existing finishes or selections, particularly cabinet color/style and countertop.

Can you put bathroom tile on drywall?

Yes, if the tile is going on a dry area. There is special substrate necessary for wet applications (like shower/tub walls).

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